2012 Estate Merlot- $60/Bottle

The 2012 Estate Merlot is a dark full bodied wine with complex aromas and flavors.  The wine is bright deep purple with a nose of dark fruit, tobacco and leather.  A few swirls of the glass release soft aromas of vanilla and cedar reminiscent of a cigar box. Aromas of black cherry and blueberry are scented with cinnamon, clove and licorice.  On the first sip you taste flavors of plum, dark cherry, currants and fig dusted with coffee and baking chocolate.  The wine has soft tannins with a tactile sensation of tasting the dirt from the vineyard, akin to some Cabernets.  The intensity of the flavors continues in the finish.  This wine has a great balance of rich fruit and bold tannins delivering a wonderful nose, balanced mid-palate and long finish.

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Price $60.00